Monday, September 24, 2018

Week 5

So who says this project ever has to end? I mean really, what is an end? Does anything ever really end? There are things that we may do now that come up twenty years from now. This probably happens more often than not for most artists. I don't think I'll ever give up making flowers, project or no project. Today was progress critique and I planned for an entire tile to get finished, but that only kind of happened. I planned for a large star dahlia to be completed, but when the end of class came I cut the tile down to what I had completed in the center and I saved what I had done on the outer edges and made these really odd organic coral looking form. It was kind of neat.

I definitely think in addition to my tiles I will be making for of these coral forms to hang off the wall to create another aspect of balance. The coral object really interested me and could become something more in the future. I mean like I said, does anything ever really end?

Monday, September 17, 2018

Week 4

I am amazed at how much can get done in three hours. Most of these tiles took three hours or less. The tile I made today took the entire duration of class, but I really fell in love with the look of it in the end. I will definitely be making more tiles that have a single flower covering the surface like the one I made today. The next flower I will make that covers an entire tile will most likely be a rose, but I will continue to make tiles like the ones I started out with because I think they compliment each other nicely and would enhance the wall display.

When displaying a complex object, such as the peony I made today, I think it is very important to have other tiles around it that are not as busy so the eye can rest. I think this would allow the work to become pleasing aesthetically and visually.

I am also interested in seeing how these pieces look on a wall from a distance as I have only worked with them up close and directly over them.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Week 3

Can this project be the project for forever??? That was my first thought as I completed my first large flower tile in ceramics class. I loved the texture in contrast with the smoothness of the petals. My main goal for this project is to work on smoothness in order to capture the delicateness of the flowers. I plan to make as many tiles as I possibly can. I just want to make and keep on making this semester.

The only sadness I have towards graduating from college at this moment is the fact that I won't have access to any clay or a kiln. So this year for ceramics I want to make as much out of clay as I can handle in order to get it out of my system until I can find access to clay and a kiln. I don't want to stay away from clay for too long.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Week 2

So making flowers out of trash can become very interesting when put to the be-livability test. Over the weekend I put my flowers to the test to photograph them for critique in the setting I intended them to be in. I placed the can flowers on top of buds where other roses on the bush had died off. Then I asked my brother to come look at my ceramics project. When I pointed at it from 8 or 10 feet away, he could not tell the difference between the cans and actual roses. Most of my family could not tell the difference until getting closer.

It can be noted that my brother did notice something was off about the flowers but he wasn't sure what and still regarded them as real flowers from a distance. As he got closer he said, "I thought those looked a little shiny." I was very please with the outcome of this project and I love the photographs I took of what I suppose you could call an installation. I would say this project was a success in its creation and be-livabilit


Monday, August 27, 2018

Week 1

Well we're back to week one again. Summer flew by as it always does. These new ceramic projects are definitely keeping me on my toes. I was ready to come back from summer and get into some clay again until realizing the first project isn't even dealing with clay. However, I don't mind it. I will admit that I was set in my ways. I knew what I liked to make in both painting and ceramics and I never thought about other ways to make those things or other types of things to make. However, this first project allowed me to think in different ways and how to limit myself when it comes to tools, supplies, etc. because let's admit it now...we are all living as frivolous Americans.

Limiting my supplies and tools put me back to my childhood days when I was making art and they told me I couldn't use the hot glue gun, utility knife, and didn't have money to go out and buy my own supplies. It is a very interesting concept to work with. My idea for this project involves flowers once again. I am going to make several

roses out of red Coca-Cola cans and place them onto a live rose bush outside my apartment building. I have created roses in different stages of growth so far. I will photograph the bush after I have placed the aluminum flowers on and will bring the photos as well as the flowers themselves in for critique. This juxtaposition of industrial with natural aims to get across the message that we must protect what we have now or it may not be there tomorrow.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 16

The semester is finally over. I am definitely ready for summer and I'm ready to experiment with my paintings. Next semester I plan to make so many flowers. I want to really feel as if I'm looking upon a field of flowers. I can see this being an installation or through the vessels that I connected flowers and vines to. Either way I will just be happy to be making flowers again. If I did flowers again in the field sense I could imagine oil painting them similar to how Jessie painted her vegetables for her still life because or has the capabilities to make things super realistic.

Painting of Muffins

Still Life

Fish Eye Effect Painting

Still Life

Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 15

Next semester I plan to make more flowers, but this semester has allowed me to a lot of functional work. I don't know what kind of flowers I will make, but it will be flower related. I wasn't super ecstatic with any of the work that came from the atmospheric firings this semester. 

I am really drawn to color and I especially love bright colors. I think this is the reason why it is so hard for glazes to please me. Underglaze is the only thing on sculptural work that I have been happy with and I think that is because of my painting background. Either way I think there is a lot of things I could expirement with when it comes to glazing.