Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Week 8

Baskets, baskets and more baskets. There may not be 500 of them, but there are four. I made a new type of basket to go along with the woven baskets. I like to give myself options when it comes to a still life. It's better to have a plethora of options to use in your still life than to have not enough and the still life ends up falling short of what you want it to be.

With that being said I made a basket that had the essence of a raffia basket rather than a reed basket. I really enjoyed the look that was created from the twisted coils. The pattern of the coils somewhat reminded me of the outline of a rose.

Now I have four baskets in total. Two raffia baskets and two reed baskets. I wanted to make more options in case I didn't like one of the baskets or one of them ended up not working out. So the still life will either use one raffia and two woven or one woven and two raffia.

Side Note: I am thinking about putting my flowers in the soda or wood kiln. I think it would be interesting to see the different patterns that would happen when they are fired and the different patterns the firing could bring into the piece when it is hanging.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Week 7

So this evening I made even more crochet tools and even tools that are more like accessories to crochet tools. Such as a pom pom maker and stuffed animal eyeballs. Even though these tools aren't actually crochet tools they help finish off the crochet project and give it a more professional look. Yes you can make pom poms with a fork or even your fingers, but pom pom makers are really awesome because you get a perfect full and fluffy pom pom every time rather than a droopy looking ball of yarn.

I also tried something totally new to me, weaving with clay. I was very hesitant at first and although I still have a little bit to go to finish off the basket, I am already pleased with the results. I may even like these better than weaving actual baskets. When making actual baskets you practically have to defy gravity when constructing the walls but when weaving with clay it is much more simple and it goes so fast. These baskets went so fast it makes me want to make more of them. Maybe 501? One for each flower...

I'm not that crazy.

I would like to make more baskets though for fun or maybe as a part of the next project. Maybe I just like to make multiples of things and things that can be made quickly enough that allows me to get to large quantities of the objects. This is something to consider in the future, maybe even something to consider for painting. To surround is a very interesting verb to work with. It's definitely something to think about.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 6

501 flowers= success. From 301 to 501 over the weekend, I have finally made it. The goal that was never in sight in the beginning and has now been realized. I am thinking that for this field of flowers I will glaze them with white or a clear coat and then put brushes of colors along the edges of the petals. The first set of flowers also made it through their first firing unscathed. Felicia even accidentally dropped one and it didn't hurt it a bit! Pretty tough flowers if I do say so myself.

On another note, the next project has already begun. For this project I will create a still life that is based on crochet. Crochet and I were not friends in the beginning. Learning all of the abbreviations to read a pattern to make something takes a lot of work and a lot of time to get the hang of. Now I can read a pattern with ease and can turn out crochet projects in minutes to a matter of hours depending on the project.

For this still life I will sculpt all of the necessary tools used in crochet. So far I have made two crochet hooks, the ones that happen to be the size I use most often, and scissors. After adding fibers to the clay, the process became so much easier. I would have been pulling my hair out by the end of class today had I not added fibers to make the clay stronger.

Note to self: When making thin sculptures use fibers so you are not bald by the end of the project.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Blog 5

Update: I now have made 280 flowers after ceramics class this evening.

Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere. So far I have made 233 ceramic flowers and three random thingamajigs. As you can see below I made a decorative little pumpkin, Christmas ornament (yes, I'm already thinking about Christmas and yes, I've already watched three Hallmark Christmas movies), and a tea light candle holder that looks like an owl if you look at it a certain way but if looked at a different way it looks like a scary tree person. So, over the weekend I not only got into the Christmas spirit, but the Halloween and fall spirit as well.

I had to make the three random objects because I said in the last blog that I would make flowers until my hands decided to fall off and after reaching 223 flowers my hands told me to stop before they fell off. However, I didn't want to stop working with the clay for the day so that is how the three random thingamajigs came to be.

For the rest of the ten out of 233 flowers that I made I did in the best way possible with my cat, Little Girl, on my lap and she kept wanting to stop and smell the roses like you can see in the pictures below.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Blog 4

Nature is amazing. For my ceramics project I am surrounding the viewer with ceramic flowers. So far I have made 117 flowers. The flowers range from calla lilies, roses, wildflowers, poppies to a tropical hibiscus flower. When creating these flowers I realized that this is something that would never happen in real life. You would never be in a field of hibiscus flowers with calla lilies there too and roses or carnations. I would simply never happen. This little aspect made me realize that this has the potential to be something magical.

Not only is this project creating a field of flowers that you may or may not have already seen in person but it's creating a unique field of flowers that you never could see in person simply because these flowers live in totally different environments. I enjoy the fact that even though I am relying on nature as my inspiration and source to make these flowers I am still creating a world that is entirely my own.

My next step is to, of course, keep making more flowers. I'm going to keep making more flowers until my hands decide to fall off. However, I have also started thinking about the glazing process and I am still trying to figure out what colors would be best for the many different types of flowers and how to get the best color out of the glazes.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Blog 3

After a few weeks, the apple is still continuing to rot. You can see in the picture below that the hole the snake is coming out of is really rotting. The hole is turning a dark color and the skin of the apple is wrinkling and the stem has some mold on it. The snake is also beginning to crack. I can't wait to see what will happen when this apple is finally in the final stages of decomposing.

While the apple rots, I have begun working on another project dealing with the same verb used for the first project. The verb is to surround. My inspiration for this project comes from flowers. I love to paint flowers and it's something that comes naturally to me and flowers can be as impressionistic or realistic as the artist likes. However, my allergies do not allow me to get out and smell the roses. I have always dreamed of being in a field of flowers that goes on for miles, but I know that if I was there I probably wouldn't have the best time because of my sinuses. But I have found the solution!

Ceramic flowers. To surround myself with flowers that I can walk through one would have to put the flowers in the air. I am going to create tons and tons of ceramic flowers to create the effect of a field. The flowers will hang from different heights like the heights of normal flowers would vary. The type of flower will also vary. Hopefully this will make my dreams come true and not have to have my nose involved in it at all.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Blog 2

After spending a few more hours on my snake, this project is finally ready for critique. I can't wait to see the snake begin to crack and crumble. Although it takes two whole months for an apple to rot, I noticed that my apple was starting the very very beginning stages of rotting. I began to see brown spots on the skin of the apple. Over the past weekend I had poked a few holes in the top and the bottom of the apple that cannot be seen in hopes that it will rot faster. I then had to make a larger hole when I made the snake look as if he was coming out of the apple.

Once the body of the snake was smoothed and everything was in the right place, I had to pick a texture for the skin. This is harder than you think. With so many different tools that can make so many different textures depending on the way you angle the tool, it was hard to decide. I finally settled on a tool that was shaped like a rectangle at the end and I used one of the corners for the texture. After texturing the snake, I noticed the texture was too deep for a snake so I took a dry sponge and lightly smoothed over some of the scales. After all of that, I think it's finally time for the snake to crack and the apple to rot.