Sunday, December 9, 2018

Week 16

Terminé! Terminé! Terminé! Finished! Finished! Finished! Done with ceramics, nearly, and completely done with everything else for the semester. I am in the church float zone because Tell City's parade was today at 4. We already found out that we won first place in Tell City's and for Cannelton's parade. I would say that my first design for a church float was very successful and the trait has finally passed on to the next generation, from my father to me. See, in the Lutheran Church we go big or go home on everything, particularly floats.

As for ceramics, next semester there will be many new avenues to consider for projects and many new ideas to consider. I would like to focus on this mixed media thing with parts of a sculpture in one media and other parts made out of ceramic.

In other words, here's some cool picture of my float. (*cough) I mean the churches float.

P.S. we started on this float in July

Yes, the float has the beautiful music I hear in church every Sunday :)

Monday, December 3, 2018

Week 15

Only two more pots that need pine needle tops! I really enjoy doing pine needle weaving on top of a ceramic base. I also like the outcome of the two together. I think both ways (handmade and thrown base) work really well with the pine needles. I made the handmade base because I was afraid the  thrown base wouldn't be as natural and go with the concept of it. However, visually both of then work really well with the pine.

Out of all my projects I enjoyed the last one the most. Which is odd because flowers are usually my thing, but there was something about incorporating real natural elements that intrigued me. I definitely want to continue this idea and maybe even this process.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Week 14

Many of my projects are finally finished. All that is left to do is finishing off the tops on my pine needle mixed media project. All of the corals have been painted and are ready for some glossy areas. I like the way my projects have turned out this semester.

I did some ornaments this semester as well. Putting on an acrylic wash and then scrubbing some of it away really looks nice. I like the dimension it gives the piece. This might be something I explore next semester.

I suppose one could say that I branched out this semester and worked with nature in general. About half of my work this semester focused on flowers specifically and half focused on environmental awareness and using natural materials to make things. I really enjoyed using natural materials to enhance the ceramic base. I may find ways to incorporate more natural materials next semester as well.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Week 13

How in the world is it week 13 already? Things are wrapping up and starting to come together. I have a few corals left to paint, but three are finished. My sunscreen bottles came out nicely. All I have to do for the last project is weave the pine needles for the top. I think it will be interesting to see how that goes. Fingers crossed it comes out how I want. I already have the feeling that I will like the more natural looking bases better, but I could be wrong.

I thought that over break if it ever snows again I can put my coca cola roses back out on the bush to get a picture of them in winter. Preferably, it won't snow until after I have collected my pine needles. I am hopeful that the types of pine needles we have around here will work out, but if not I may use my reeds or do a crochet top. It's always important to have a back up plan.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Week 12

Finishing up a lot of projects for the end of the semester. I think I am going to fire my wall pieces and one of my corals to cone 6. The pieces still seem unfinished to me and I have the feeling that if I fire it to cone 6, I'll still get the white I want and it will feel more finished.

I added color to one of my corals, the largest one, and I am pretty satisfied with it. I was surprised that it got into the juried show. My pine needle project is coming along and the only bummer is that I have to wait until the bottom is completely finished to put the pine needles on which makes for a slow process. I am keeping most of the finishing for the bottom at low temperatures to help with the natural aspect, but also because the gas kilns are down. The bowls I made recently will be covered with terra sig. I'm interested in seeing what that will look like

Monday, November 5, 2018

Week 11

Work, work, work all day long. The end of the semester brings a lot more work along with it, but I love it. I love when the end of the semester rolls around, especially the fall semester. For one, I love the fact that it is almost Christmas. I started listening to Christmas music in July, no joke. Okay, it was only one day in July, but I still listened to it.

Either way, I also love the end of the semester because I can finally see my projects coming to a close. I plan on finishing up some painting on my coral this week to enter it into the juried show since I have no paintings to enter because all my artwork is an hour away. However, I have hopes for my ceramics work and we'll just see how it goes. Definitely not how I expected the juried show to go during this school year, but I am still glad that they are in a show of some sort and will be again in the spring.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Week 10

It survived!! The tube of sunscreen that I had to slip and score back together, survived the bisque firing. So, is this the part where I pretend to be Dr. Frankenstein and I have just pieced things together and it's alive? Well not really, here in reality, I have pieced things together and all it did was survive the bisque. Granted this is no small feat, but when compared to Frankenstein it is overshadowed.

In other news, I began the next project. For the next project, I will be throwing vessels and poking holes near the top of the rim to attach pine needles and other natural materials to create a woven top. This project would fall under the category of mixed media. The pictures below explain what I mean by woven too better than what I can explain it.