Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 16

The semester is finally over. I am definitely ready for summer and I'm ready to experiment with my paintings. Next semester I plan to make so many flowers. I want to really feel as if I'm looking upon a field of flowers. I can see this being an installation or through the vessels that I connected flowers and vines to. Either way I will just be happy to be making flowers again. If I did flowers again in the field sense I could imagine oil painting them similar to how Jessie painted her vegetables for her still life because or has the capabilities to make things super realistic.

Painting of Muffins

Still Life

Fish Eye Effect Painting

Still Life

Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 15

Next semester I plan to make more flowers, but this semester has allowed me to a lot of functional work. I don't know what kind of flowers I will make, but it will be flower related. I wasn't super ecstatic with any of the work that came from the atmospheric firings this semester. 

I am really drawn to color and I especially love bright colors. I think this is the reason why it is so hard for glazes to please me. Underglaze is the only thing on sculptural work that I have been happy with and I think that is because of my painting background. Either way I think there is a lot of things I could expirement with when it comes to glazing. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 14

I have officially glazed everything I made this semester!! The nasty slithering cracked snake suffocating the apple has finally ceased to exist. My projects from last semester to this semester have finally come full circle. The snake has been destroyed in the pit of fire. This is becoming very symbolic very suddenly. Symbolic or not I enjoyed the fact that work from last semester to this semester were able to influence one another. The flowers from last semester turned up again in a more functional vessel this semester.

Next semester I would love to just make a multitude of flowers. I would either like to revisit my hanging idea or the more functional side of the flowers that I have explored this semester. I simply love to make flowers in painting and ceramics. Ceramics seems to be my outlet for making flowers since they never seem to make it into my paintings. Flowers are a piece of me and ceramics makes flowers more enjoyable because of my allergies. However, flowers have always been interesting and they are exciting and fun to make. I would really like to take the time next semester to spend more time with these flowers and really get to know their form and maybe even break them down to compliment my paintings in some way.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 13

I am pleased with how my mugs from the soda fire turned out. I put all of my mugs and cases into the soda fire and saved my platters and teapot for the wood fire. I have finally glazed everything that I had that was bisque besides the forest pieces. I have one of the forest pieces underglazed. I am debating on what type of firing to put them in. I underglazed a test vase and put clear glaze over top to see what happens in the soda.

I'm not expecting anything super cool to happen in the soda to the underglazes, but one can always hope. If it turns out really interesting in the soda then that is how I will fire the actual forest pieces, but if not I'll just put them into a normal gas firing.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Week 12

All of my mugs and vases are glazed and ready to go for the soda fire. I'm anxious to see how the colors will turn out. I put a rainbow of underglazes onto one piece so that I could cover it in clear glaze and see how it does in the soda before I put my forest pieces into the soda. I'm hoping that the piece will work out fine and have some cool variations, but if not the forest pieces might just have to go into a regular firing.

Next class I will most likely have the second smaller forest piece underglazed. I am excited to glaze the larger one because it is more intricate and there are more colors involved. I'm hoping that these three pieces turn into a nice little set at the end of all this.  There is one underglazed forest piece that has already been through it's second firing and the colors are more vibrant than I expected which is something I hope I can keep in the soda firing.

P.S.) that apple from last semester is finally starting to shrink and it's disgusting.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Week 11

Mugs, mugs, mugs. That's most of what I've seen so far in Holland, Michigan while on spring break. This town is full of beautiful cuckoo clocks, painted China, and painted clogs. Although it is not tulip season in Holland it is still beautiful and I have many new ideas for ceramics.

It would be really interesting to make a ceramics cuckoo clock with all of the interesting intricate details. It would be even better if I could make it an actual working clock. It has been a nive well deserved break and I am not ready to go home tomorrow, but I am getting my new dog Wednesday and I am so excited. New adventures lead to new ideas for my art.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Week 10

I am really interested in seeing what will happen to underglazes in the soda kiln. I painted my tree sculpture with underglazes and will then put a clear coat on and see what happens in the soda kiln. I am expecting the colors to change quite a bit. I expect that the colors will be less vibrant and more muted. However, best case scenario would be for something really cool to happen with the salt and clear glaze that creates a cool effect over the underglazes.

I trimmed three more mugs today along with two goblets and a vase. The goblets were very interesting to make on the wheel. I want to make more that are even better and not off center. I would also like to make them taller, but when I was just starting with these I was afraid to go too tall. It's very silly to be scared of anything when making art. It's always possible to make it again. I usually never get upset if something happens to a piece of my art. My reaction is usually, "Oh crap, I guess I'll have to make another one," or, "I didn't like that thing anyway."